Your Nxt are safe in the NxtSafe

The NxtSafe is a stylish accessoire for all Nexters. As a cryptosafe for your cryptocurrency it is the perfect complementary to your digital safe like keepassX. It's totally analog and offline. No trojan can access it and no harddisk can crash, but the NxtSafe still encrypts your passphrase (or anything else)!

It won't decrypt your wife or girlfriend though, but might be a nice present loaded with some Nxt.

  • Applying the passphrase

    Open the crypto page. It includes all javascript code to generate two images, that only together can reveal your passphrase. Laserprint them on the adhesive film sheet, that comes with your NxtSafe. You can review the code yourself to exclude security doubts. Cut the images from the film sheet and apply them on both acrylic sheets.

  • Order form

  • Anonymous shipping

    If anyone could give me a hint on how to ship anonymously, I appreciate this. A quick research didn't lead to a convenient solution.

  • Donations

    I aim to provide quality marketing items for the Nxt community. The prices more or less just cover my costs.
    Donations are welcome. Nxt:NXT-P6P6-XBVB-E89X-6PA8K

Configure your NxtSafe

  • General info

    The NxtSafe consists of two or more Acrylic sheets, that stick together magnetically.
    The transparent base acrylic sheet works as decryption key for every colored sheet attached. Dimensions are roughly 100x60mm. Custom sizes are possible.

  • Choose your colors

    Currently there are three colors available:
    bright red, bright green and bright blue.

  • Preconfigured passphrase?

    You may want the NxtSafe as a marketing item and have a passphrase preconfigured. Recipient MUST move possibly preloaded Nxt to another account!

  • Ordering

    Either send a message to NXT-P6P6-XBVB-E89X-6PA8K or mail nxt:NxtSafe (Browser-plugin) with all necessary data or use the form on the right.

  • Prices

    One NxtSafe is 600 Nxt or 20.
    Every additional colored sheet is 200 Nxt or 7.
    Preloaded with Nxt in exchange to upon request.
    Prices include shipping worldwide - bulkorders will get a discount.

  • Package

    NxtSafe - printable film sheet - manual - cooking receipt